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Up N' Adam's Cuttin' Loose Kudrun


Kudrun is Poetry in Motion. An exceptional combination of Grace and Drive. Kudrun is bred from a long line of AKC Field Champions on her sires side and long line of Show and Dual Champions on her dams side. She inherited her dams good looks and her sires field abilities, in a perfect blend of rare breeding perfection. In the field Kudrun covers ground with a lightness that is snappy and eye catching. She handles with ease and an attentiveness in both her body language and listening skills but at the same time exhibits an independence that is phenomenal. She is a dog that works for her handler with a strong desire to please but that never detracts from her ability to do her job. In the house she is effortless, a great watchdog and a gentle companion.


Kudrun began competing in field trials at 6 months of age. In 2009 Kudrun was ranked #3 nationally with only one season of competition. As her trainer, I was always  her most limiting factor. Kudrun also excelled in the show ring during the short time she competed there earning 5 points in only a few weekends.


Kudrun has been hunted on released and wild birds and does both with enthusiasm. Her personal favorite is pheasant.


Health Clearances: OFA Heart and Hips, CERF, LD Normal-Clear by parentage


Kudrun On Point Video


Here is a clip from a video of Kudrun on Point. Underneath the scrubby grass, is a thick layer of clover. I would have preferred to show the whole video, however if you watch it you will notice I have a blank gun in my back pocket and regrettably did not wear a belt that day...

I had a very hard time locating the bird and she stood for a long time. I attempted to relocate her and she did not move. Eventually I got and my hands and knees and picked through the clover and produced the bird. If I ever find a way to blur the indecent parts I will post the entire video.

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