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 Chocolate Coffee's Mojo Gestalt JH X Feldhund Rika (AU)


Gestalt was hand picked to be bred with Evie, located in Austalia. The Kennel Owner has a very long history of breeding Shorthairs in Australia. In Australia they work Evie on Quail, Duck, Rabbit, Hare, and Snipe.


Some of these pictures were only color copies so the quality of the pictures will vary. They do not dock tails in Australia.


The pups have all grown in to mature hunting dogs now. The breeder writes:




"I am very happy with pups fom Gestalt. The bitch Allie is  very quiet, easy to train, good with kids. The dogs in that litter are in King Island which is off Tasmania, both are doing well."

                                          -Colin & Nina

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