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Chocolate Coffee's Mojo Gestalt JH


This boy is all heart. One has only to watch him compete for a moment to see that is where is drive originates. Gestalt is a happy-go-lucky dog who like all good shorthairs, is happy when you are happy, and sometimes even when you are not! Gestalt has a calm focused nature in training and takes his work very seriously. In the field he stretches over ground with a fluidity that is breathtaking. Gestalt is a wonderful combination showing joy and exuberance for life in play and the home and really getting down to business in the field!


Gestalt is a dual quality dog who comes from a long line of dual champions. Gestalt has been field trialed extensively, currently working on his retrieve points for both his  AKC Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion. We expect him to complete his titles within the year. Gestalt also done well in show ring with his handsome looks and love of life.


Gestalt has been hunted on both released and wild birds. He is a cautious and patient hunter who always pins his birds, with a penchant for the elusive grouse!



Health Clearances: OFA Elbows, Hips, Heart, CERF



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